Character  Makeup
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Jason Flemyng in Bruiser
Bruiser: Jason Flemyng in full face prosthetics
Lee Pace with prosthetic breasts applied and colored
Lee Pace with breasts, hips and thighs to make him womanly
Jared Harris as John Lennon
RE2 Undead makeup
Aidan Quinn with eyelid prosthetic
Colin Fox as a devil
Dirty Work: Chris Farley with nose prosthetics
Hermit with nails, teeth and hair
A Frankenstein Monster for a Comfort Inn ad
Spiderman costume for AGF ad
TRAX: Clint Walker in full face prosthetics and dental appliance
Two hosers with character makeup and hair
Resident Evil II: Zombie makeup
Fat belly for Woody Harrelson
Zombie makeup
Woman Zombie